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Artissimo School is an arts institution which purport to train for careers in arts, and promote cultural production in different manifestations.

Set up in the early 21st century, Artissimo has over the years established a space that has become crucial within the Algerian arts microcosm, attracting the interest of many adults and children towards developing a professional art practice.

In addition to a place of knowledge, Artissimo has succeeded in creating a singular spirit and hospitable atmosphere in which respect values, dialogue and openness on the other are predominats.

As an institution, Artissimo endeavours to encourage the development of ‘original concepts’, animated by a philosophy of learning in the arts register as fundamental value to the emergence of an artistic culture required in the development of a free and open society in the world.

The intrinsic uniqueness of Artissimo « concept », is powered by a philosophy of enabling arts learning as a core value to the emergence of an artistic culture, necessary for the rise of a free society opened to the world.