A word from the founder

Art, art and nothing but art! This is what I suggest you for this year 2016, which, I hope, will be joyful, creative and passionate for you.

Whether young or old, active or retired, amateur or professional, time is always for learning, awakening senses, choices and changes.

This January 2016, Artissimo celebrates 16 years of existence. 16 years of uninterrupted happiness, interspersed with gratitude, success, doubts sometimes, many interrogations, but especially with resistance. Resistance carried by a wonderful team of teachers and colleagues who believed from the start, by curious students and learners with massive expectations, by artists from all sides, which found an unusual place welcoming them to express their art , debate and exchange, or just to meet for a coffee in the famous Artissimo kitchen!

But what I say, Artissimo is not only a school! Over 16 years, we have grown and expanded our activities by creating two new divisions: The Artissimo Space hosts diverse art and culture makers. Artissimo Studio stimulates creativity at the service of companies and agencies desiring to associate their image with the originality of our concepts.

It is said that from 15 years of existence, a company reaches maturity and the age of reason. In fact, we are more strong and peaceful, but in Artissimo, we also assume the bustle of adolescence, and creative effervescence state that emanates from it, this pushes us to go further, to question and reinvent ourselves and give everything of ourselves.

We are expecting a full program in 2016! I warmly invite you to come share them with us. In the meanwhile, live, smile, dance and decide to be happy.
Happy birthday Artissimo!

Zafira Ouartsi Baba

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