Team building

A group cohesion is crucial to flourish any business. Presented as a game, challenges and joviality, Studio Artissimo team buildings offer all the conditions to revitalize, strengthen and motivate your teams. A REVOIR Through creative, challenging and unifying activities; personal motivation will be at the service of collective success. Our recreational workshops, colorful and cheerful aim to:

  • Boost self confidence
  • Bring together your employees and create a team spirit
  • Boost individual and collective motivation
  • Raising the unity concept
  • Develop a taste for challenge and competition
  • Occasion to relax, to rest and reorganise itself

Themes :


For team cohesion and stress management

Discover the pleasure of “feeling the clay”, create shapes, and decorative objects.It allows to develop artistic expression, a sense of mutual aid and the ability to concentrate. Individual designs are conserved by participants and are a personal memory with a real emotional value. The common works will be exhibited in the company (in the case of a large sculpture for example).

  • Number of participants: Starting  10 people
  • Time: From 1:30 (generally 2 hours or 2 hrs and half)

Painting-Drawing-Visual effects

For team cohesion and creativity

Achieving together an artistic creation, having fun, daring to come out of the borders to express creativity. This colorful workshop, promises many surprises ahead. The only limit is to choose a theme according to the allotted time, it can be around Classical, Baroque or contemporary . Example: Pop art workshop « Andy Warhol », or being inspired by the Mona Lisa smile.

  • Number of participants: Starting 8 people
  • Duration: From 3:30


For creativity and expression. Inspired by hip-hop culture in New York, this graphic art invites you to liberate creative energy around a high challenge in color. In the shoes of professional performers, you will realize together a fresco in the colors of your business. (Courtyard, garden, or exterior walls).

  • Number of participants: From 8 persons
  • Duration: Starting at 3:00


For ease of speaking in public and develop creativity

The theatrical improvisation is a form of theater where only the creativity and spontaneity run the scenario.

First, introduction to some theater techniques: breathing, listening, diction and body language.

Secondly: production of a play: oral and body language, choice of scenarios, rehearsals, staging, costumes, nothing is left to chance.

This theater workshop binds the participants around a common project, involves the management of their emotions helps to be born and develop the corporate culture.

  • Number of participants: Minimum 8 participants
  • Duration: Starting at 4:00

Music Choir/Individual

For good mood and after a strees period

Be in harmony with the song of your choice. In a relaxed and convivial atmosphere, you will develop your sense of rhythm in a real singing workshop that will allow your employees to express and get over their shyness. Our coach will transmit his passion for singing and you will discover musical expression and vocal techniques that will allow you to sing and feel the rhythm of music Group singing helps to develop listening, tolerance and mutual respect.

  • Number of participants: From 7 participants
  • Duration: At least 3 hours
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