Who are they now ?

Thanks to the high quality of the courses delivered, Artissimo gave birth to good job opportunities for the students who went through our school, and strengthen their skills.

Ouali Belahcene

Graphic designer in Touja company, photographer.

Tamime Kaddour

Web designer company: Intelix

Nabil Tahir

Site Manager (freelance)

Mohamed Terfaia

Illustrator artist on his own

Khaled Mokhtari

Graphic designer Artissimo

Faris Othamani

Architect at BTE / CAP (bureautique d’étude)

Soumeya Ladjaoui

Computer Graphics (Web phone company méditérannée)

Lotfi Nabi and Atsfaha Nawel

Outsider comany Manager

Nassil Bourouiba

Computer technician in store Media

Rabah Touhami

Art director at Lotus

Redouane Sayah

Web designer

Louiza Ayatti

Freelance graphic designer

Yanis Ghanem

Art director at Allegori

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