Home decoration

Definition : 

  • Learn how to decorate and makeover existing spaces, interacting between colors, volumes, shapes, textures, light, furniturs and accessories.
  • Let an open space to creation , tackling with all the technical and functional aspects of a private or collective space.

Purpose :

  • Being able to explain in artistic and graphical manner ideas through academic drawing, color harmony and perspective developpement.
  • Learn to read a technical plan and draw on various levels.
  • Understand the methodology for the monitoring of work projects, from vision -concept to the final result.
  • Learning through case studies, the expertise related to interior design like the environnement boards, roughs, portfolios, deco trends … 
  • Learn how to make professional reports using specialized software. essential elements of the program: Drawing, color, perspective, technical drawing representation, decorative paints, furniture makeover, art history and decorating styles and trends in design, development studio specialized software.
  • Learning how to achieve professional reports by using specialized software. 

Core program :

  • Drawing, color, perspective, technical drawing representation, decorative painting, furniture makeover, art history, decorating styles and trends in design, workshops, specialized softwares.

Prerequisites :

  • Having a taste for creation
  • Being meticulous and curious about everything
  • Having an interest for communication
  • Have imagination and artistic sensitivity.
  • Having attention for details.
  • Having good general knowledge.

Methodology :

  • Theoretical and practical trainings
  • Training visits.
  • Scenarios with true customers.
  • Implementation of an end training project based on a real one.

Business outlook :

  • architectural studies Offices
  • Attached to a design office
  • Television studios, movie and theater sets.
  • Building companies.
  • Independent professions.
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