Choir :

This course is a great way of developing musical expression as well as relaxing.
You will be directed to one of four panels (soprano, alto, tenor and bass). The repertoire is varied: Gospel, Negro spirituals, classical, pop, world music, of Algerian heritage…

Song :

Catered to those who want to develop their vocal expression/voice through breathing exercises, breath management and interpretation of various directories (lyrical songs, variety Algerian international etc.)..

Piano lessons (individuals) :

This workshop is designed to teach the operating principles of the piano, to acquire a good balance between body and instrument, and finally discover the quality and accuracy of sound through a classical repertoire.

Violin lessons (individuals and groups) :

During this workshop you will learn to know the principles of operation and maintenance of the instrument, evaluate the quality and appropriateness of its product through exercises for horizontal and vertical movement of the fingers, in order to stabilize the different positions of fingers (positions semitones and whole tones)

Guitar group lessons :

During this workshop you will learn the classical guitar operation principles, the insrtument positionning techniques, playing stubborn, pinched and arpeggios, learning music theory and basic rhythms, key agreements and reading tablature.

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