MOURAD KRINAH, Graphic designer and plastic Artist

Graduated from the Fine Arts school of Algiers (graphic design department), Mourad Krinah (40 years old) works as a freelance graphic designer. This talented artist has participated in a myriad of exhibitions in Algeria and throughout the world: France, Italy, Morocco, Senegal, United States, South Africa…  Mourad is a creative person. he  reframes well known photographies that have made a significant impact in medias in order to show them us differently. Meeting. 


Artissimo: Three years of studies in biology before changing direction, that can not be invented!

Mourad Krinah: After the baccalaureat, I joined the biology department at Bab Ezzouar University . After three years, the evidence has to be accepted. A biologist career did not inspire me at all. In 1999, I took the entrance exam at the Fine Arts School . In 2006, I get my diploma of graphic design.

A: As a child, did you have predispositions for drawing?

M K: From the age of 3 years. I drew on all surfaces I find. The walls of our house have paid the ultimate price of my artistic prowess. This won me severe punishments as well . With my brother, also good at drawing, we were in a big competition. I was very attracted by the images I saw on TV or books. I reproduced comics characters. My parents encouraged me by buying me boxes of watercolors and colored pencils.

A: Does this passion for drawing continued?

M K: It has never dried up. As a teenager I realized portraits of my favorite actors and singers. At a very young age, I was captivated by the video clips, movies and pictures in magazines. This is what has nourished my todays work.

A: What are the techniques you use in your graphic plastic work ?

M K: My first material is Picture. An image relayed by the media that make the buzz. Then with computers (software, Photoshop …) I add my two cents. I reappropriate these icons by editing and adding text to it. I give them another dimension: ironic, political and other. The idea is to provoke the thinking among the audience that we are and to make us react about the daily bombard of medias by a flood of images and pictures.  to this flood of images the media bombard us all day long.

A: In art, Who has guided your career?


M K: Denis Marinez. I was in direct contact with him and I have learnt a lot from him. He is a great figure by his culture and vision. He opened my eyes on how to practice our profession. Amar Bouras also. He was my Photography professor at the  Fine Arts. In the 80, he was the first who mixed picture, video and painting. This mix of techniques and media has greatly influenced my work.

A: Now you work as a freelancer.

M K: Yes I work with several publishing houses: Design, layout, photo editing, cover … I also realize exhibition posters, catalogs …

A: How did you discover Artissimo?

M K: In the days when I was a student, I attended the debates, conferences and shows there. In 2013, with a group of artist friends, we set up a project. We were looking for a space to host the first edition of an exhibition called: General Picturie “Picturie Generale”. We did not want neither a gallery nor an institutional space. By submitting this idea to Zaphira Baba, founde rof this school, she spontaneously said yes. Thus the first edition of General Picturie has emerged in Artissimo in 2013.

A: Do you have a souvenir related to Artissimo?

M K: During the days preceding the expo General Picturie “Picturie Générale” Artissimo was a real battlefield air: drill, nails, hammers … few hours before the opening, the mess was still visible. Armed with cleaning cloths and brooms, we hurried my friends and me to clean these Augean stables before the arrival of guests. I keep in my mind this souvenir, an unforgettable atmosphere mixed with laughter and excitement.