LILA Borsali. Andalusian music performer

A lot of good fairies were present at her birth, a certain 12th July 1976 in Algiers. Elegance, charisma and a velvet voice were given her that day.Lila Borsali is a rising star of classical Algerian music of the new generation, with her crystalline voice and natural charm, she seduces the audience. Currently, this artist is preparing her fifth album, furthermore, she started a new challenge: producing cultural events. We can not wait to chat with Lila Borsali. The star of Andalusian music receive us into her cozy apartment and offers us some tea, with delicious traditional sweets. We are both installed on the large sofa, surrounded by Kandinsky masterpieces, the interview can start !


Artissimo: Lila, how did you come to music?

Lila Borsali: At 11, while living in Tlemcen, I joined the association Ahbab Cheikh Larbi Bensari where I learned to sing and play the mandolin. Realizing that I had some predispositionsin singing, my teacher asked me to do some solos. Here’s how it all started.

A: Have you planned your career as an Andalusian music interpreter ?

LB : It was not forecasted at all, it was a pure coincidence. In 1995, I left Tlemcen and moved to Paris. I was recently married. Once in the French capital, I started architect-designer studies.At 21, I gave birth to my first daughter. I have also participated in founding an association called ‘Les Airs Andalous’. It enabled me to hone my singing techniques, learn to play kouitra and give classical music lessons.

After 16 years of living in Paris, my husband and I returned to Algiers in 2009. Then, I joined the Fine Arts Association of Algiers. It is Abdelhadi Boukoura who encouraged me to record my first album.

A: This is where the turning point occurred? 

LB: (Laughs). Indeed, my first album ‘Frak Lahbab’ inspired me to this profession. This magical fusion with the audience during my concerts finally convince me that it is this way I wanted to take.

A: Your latest album, released in May 2015, touch upon the pain of separation. Is it related to the sudden disappearance of your husband in 2013?

L B :Yes, after  my husband death, I examined the repertoire of Andalusian music to find texts related to the loss of a loved one, but in vain.It was Professor Toufik Benghabrit who came quickly to my assistance by writing lyrics for me , in harmony with my feelings. When I first read I got goosebumps, that is how the album Nuba Hosn -Es Selim was produced. I pay tribute to my husband Salim and all those who supported me during this terrible experience.

A: You recently started your own event agency. What the public should expect?

L B : In fact I have just set up Louart Service, an agency that will promote groups and singers in ‘World Music’ style.Last January, we held a concert at Ibn Zaydoun with Jarka fusion band. A prelude to other similar events.

A: What do you think of Artissimo?

LB: I think it’s a chance to have an art school of this caliber in Algiers. It is a commendable initiative, especially when we know that art is absent in our schools. We always feel that it is the policy and the economy that prevail in a society and we forget that culture is the true face of a country. For me Artissimo helps beautify the space.

Katia Sabri