He defines himself as an eclectic artist. An architect, graphic designer, sculptor, furniture and art objects designer, gallery owner, painter …. Born in 1953 in Sidi -Aich (Bejaia), Farid Benyaa is graduated from the Polytechnic Architecture and Urbanism school of Algiers (Épau). In 2000, he founded his own art gallery named after him,. his artworks are in many public and private works both in Algeria and abroad. On March 8, the plastic artist presented his new collection of women portraits and an art book retracing his 30 year career.


Artissimo: Your new collection entitled ‘Suggestion’ is a tribute to women. It crystallizes more colors, moves toward the abstract and includes new formats.

Farid Benyaa : ‘Vibration’ my previous exhibition, where black and white were predominant with some red buttons is in contrast with ‘Suggestion’, my previous works. It shows bursts of color with abstraction, the faces are suggested, we sometimes see a hand or an eye arising from nothing and wrapped in this form of abstraction. I also built mine M’hamed Issiakhem quote “If it is not my faces, my painting is abstract.” For this collection, I used new techniques: noble wood ‘high gloss’ which has a glossy appearance. I stopped working on the canvas and glass sub and put installations behind my works to give them a better interpretation.

A: Each of your works is reinforced by a writer or artist text or quote. Why ?

F B: I like the idea of building bridges between different art forms: literature, music, theater, cinema. So I accompanied my portraits collection by quotations of writers, poets, playwrights like Assia Djebbar, Malika Mokeddem M’hamed Issiakhem, jean amrouche Ahmed Bedjaoui, Albert Camus, Amin Zaoui, Nourredine Saoudi, Djamel Amrani, Jean Senac Boualem Sansal, Khalil Gibran, Malek Alloula Ahmed Bedjaoui …

A: You have just published your art book “Algerian women. the source of the future. ” A sort of compilation of your works.

F B: This book gathers portraits of women for some thirty years. We notice that over time, the abstract side has occupied an increasingly important place in my work. I love this form of expression. It matches my inner.

A: You have explored a plethora of themes such as southern Algeria, Algiers Casbah, Algerian landscapes and monuments, fantasia … Nevertheless, women is your favorite subject. Why ?

F B: For me, woman represent the emotion, aesthetics, seduction, charm, but not only, It also embodies all our traditional and contemporary values. The woman was a society in crisis victim, but she is the first actress in countries reconstructions.

A: Who are the painters that have influenced your work?

F B: I really admire Miro, the stars painter. Mohamed Khadda fed my inspiration with his screentone notion. I derived my source of ‘vibration’ in my previous collection from Jackson Pollock and I admire Kandinsky works.

A: Which technique do you use in your works?

F B: The mixed media: ink, acrylic, watercolor, marker, spray.

A: Your art gallery is home to only your works. Are you a self-centered person?

F B: (Laughs). No. I made this choice to impose some discipline to myself. Following the work of other artists would have nibbled my time. I do not want to lose my designer vocation. However, I often open my space to poetry, literature, music, theater and film.

A: How did were you when you started making art?

F B: At the age of 6, I already practice drawing. As a teenager I did a portrait gallery of my idols: Charles Bronson, Johnny Halliday, Julien Clerc, Brigitte Bardot. At first I was drawing with a pencil,my architect job introduced me to ink.

A: What Artissimo inspires to you?

F B: This institution is in a continual cultural effervescence. It is in a permanent creativity. For many years now, this school is a part of a revival, it is in the right direction . I wish long life to Artissimo.